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Whether you're looking to boost your energy levels, balance your mood, support your immune system or glow from within, it's time to discover our one-stop Wellness shop. Feel good inside and out with the Next wellbeing collection, featuring must-try products from the biggest names in health and nutrition, in partnership with TheDrug.Store. Stock up your bathroom cabinet with collagen, cbd oil and vitamins from A to Z, soak tired muscles with nature-inspired bath salts and look after your diet with superfood-filled protein powders.

Collection Luxe New York Jasmine Orange Blossom Fragranced Reed 400ml Diffuser (316039) | £28
Collection Luxe New York Battery Operated Portable Diffuser (234638) | £30
Collection Luxe Antigua Mango & Papaya Fragranced Reed 400ml Diffuser (368282) | £28
Black Lily Pomegranate & Black Lily Scented Candle (U13706) | £18
Navy Collection Luxe New York Moonlight Citrus Ginger Boxed Scented Candle (858106) | £14
Bronze Lemongrass & Ginger Scented Candle (T61612) | £18
Collection Luxe Amalfi Waterlily & Musk Fragranced 400ml Reed Diffuser (743360) | £28
Country Luxe Spa Retreat Lavender & Geranium Fragranced Reed 400ml Refill Diffuser (U55455) | £24
Set of 2 New York Moonlight Collection Luxe 85ml Diffusers (999344) | £22
Just Pink Mandarin And Jasmine 100ml Fragranced Reed Diffuser (T41304) | £16
Collection Luxe Antigua Mango & Papaya Fragranced Reed 170ml Diffuser (343547) | £22
NEOM Wellbeing Pod Mini - Essential Oil Diffuser (P46870) | £50