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Your workout, but better. Train from the comfort of your home with Under Armour athletes Rhiannon and Amanda.

About Rhiannon Hey - I’m Rhiannon! I’m a 25 year old professional dancer, personal trainer, Under Armour athlete, and founder of Daily Bailey; my online fitness community to educate and share my passion with everyone about the power of fitness. Training as a dancer taught me so many valuable lessons in life: discipline, dedication, and determination. Experiencing two back operations during training and being unable to dance, truly tested my mental strength. With dancing predominatly focusing around aesthetics, this injury proved to me how fitness is so much more than our physical strength, but in fact, the stimulator to benefit our mental strength. This realisation kickstarted my change in lifestyle to become a personal trainer and the reason why I started my fitness career online building a loyal following of over 20,000 followers inspiring others to get up and get moving! Over lockdown 1.0, I hosted daily live workouts on my Instagram which organically grew into a community now known as ‘Daily Bailey’. This platform I have created is all about transforming the perception of fitness. Fitness is not a punishment, but instead a celebration of what our bodies can do and how good it makes us FEEL. I am passionate to continue to learn and expand my knowledge to ensure that I can deliver the best of the best, and excited for what the future holds! Shop Under Armour

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